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KW Classic: A pleasant ride in the country, spoiled

I was really looking forward to the KW (Kitchener-Waterloo) Classic , for a number of reasons. First , it as the site of this year's Road Provincial Championships, and I had never done Provincials before.   Second , for some reason the start times put the M3/E4/Women's waves at 3:30 pm. 3:30! My god, the luxury! Because the curse of being stuck in M3 (and E4) is that you always have the first start times, usually 8:30 AM. Which means to get almost every race on the OCUP schedule I gotta get up at about 5:00 in the morning, drive a 150 bleary & stressed kilometres to the race, and tight against the clock to get signed in and properly warmed up. And as for actually digesting breakfast – yeah well, forget it. But 3:30! wow. So relaxed! Relaxed! Sorta. Pre-race with Dan W. And third because it's a really nice course through farm country, mostly rollers, with one steep punchy climb that I was actually looking forward to because I felt it was nicely matched to my (li

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