2014 Season overview

Year Two of the Tour de Newb Five-Year Racing plan did not exactly go as planned.

The goal was to do a minimum of five races, six if possible. Well, that didn't work out. Timing, training and one thing and another meant I ended up only doing three:

Grey County Road Race in Collingwood;
Niagara Classic in Pelham; and
The Tour de Terra Cotta in, uh, Terra Cotta.

As disappointing as this count was, I learned something important from each of them.

Grey County taught me how much I can suffer and not actually die. (Details here)
Niagara taught me that starting at the back of the pack was really not a good idea. (Details here)
And Terra Cotta was a lesson in the value of patience over hubris. (Details here)

All of which is motivation for Year Three.


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