Paris-Roubaix weather...

There's an amazing video called "The Faces of Hell" 

...that does a brilliant job of encapsulating the riders' experience of the classic Paris-Roubaix Spring classic, also known as L'Enfer Du Nord.

Check it out:

I thought of it last Saturday; having missed a few rides due to illness & whatnot I was desperate to get a ride in. The weather forecasters promised some drizzle, but it was supposed to be light, and it was supposed to end around 10 am.

Supposed to.

It didn't work out that way. There were only two other Flyers out that morning (this late in the season rides become ad hoc & based on who shows up); nobody wanted to bail, so we all made hopeful noises about it "looking like it was gonna clear up", and rode off along the Lakeshore out to Port Credit, about a 60km loop. Needless to say, the rain didn't let up, it got gradually heavier. By the time we got to the turnaround point we were soaked and cold. 

One of our number decided to take the train back to town. I wasn't feeling that bad; I had a nice new pair of warm gloves and decent cold weather gear, so I was wet, but not unbearably cold, especially once we were moving. (Give it up for the wool socks!)

In the end it wasn't a great ride, and the weather wasn't crappy enough to make it count as heroic, but it was one that you book just for not giving in.

Or as I liked to think of it, a little Paris-Roubaix weather.

apr├Ęs L'Enfer de Toronto


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