Badass Weather

In Toronto, the bike season is short. Winter, that's another story.

One of the great things about riding with the Flyers is they start early (March), and, once you're in a group, you're a lot less likely to wuss out when the weather is sketchy.

Like two weeks ago: it was 2°C and overcast, and 20 minutes into the ride is started to rain. Steady, near-freezing rain. 50 km in that, and I don't think I've ever been so cold in my life.

Sorta like this. But colder.
The week after that we had alternating sleet and snow and a pretty good headwind that made it look like we were riding in a wind tunnel.

But at a certain point that kind of weather just becomes funny, and then you start to feel good about not being stopped by it.

And you get to feel some kinship with Velominati Rule #9
· If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.
Fair-weather riding is a luxury reserved for Sunday afternoons and wide boulevards. Those who ride in foul weather – be it cold, wet, or inordinately hot – are members of a special club of riders who, on the morning of a big ride, pull back the curtain to check the weather and, upon seeing rain falling from the skies, allow a wry smile to spread across their face. This is a rider who loves the work.*


*More on this here
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