The Wonder that is Bib Shorts

OK, this may sound fully stupid but in decades of cycling I have never worn bib shorts. Just the regular short-type shorts.

Until this year.

When I joined the Dark Horse Flyers with the intention to race I needed to order the club kit, which included bib shorts.


Why didn't somebody tell me how much better they were? They stay snug up on the hips, they don't shift around, everything stays in place, the chamois does its job and everybody is much happier at the end of the ride.

OK, taking a leak is a bit more complicated, requiring a bit of stretching & contortion (I feel sorry for women when it comes to bibs), but they look and feel really pro.

Now I'm wondering what to do with a bunch of regular shorts that I can't bear to wear any more. Maybe do some kinda folk art thing where I fashion them into pot holders and sell them on Etsy.

The Flyers' kit, by the way, is pretty sharp looking, something that cannot be said for many of the clubs around town. For some reason there is a strong tendency to an aesthetic that might best be described as "Microsoft clip-art". I don't care how great the club is, that's a deal-breaker for me. Sorry, Mid-Week Cycling Club, Beaches Cycling Club, D'Ornellas, Mississauga BC...
Dark Horse Flyers: Now that's a nice lookin jersey!
So which clubs in theses parts have good ones? Jet Fuel is great. Lapdogs is pretty good. Cafe Domestique in Dundas is awesome.


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